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Hi, I'm Toluwa 👋🏾 Your human-friendly coach. 3 Fun Facts you should know about me:

🔑 I help First-Time Leaders & ICs understand their leadership identity so they can walk in authority.

🔑 I run a behavioural coaching consultancy cc: Zoah Consultancy, helping impact driven businesses embed coaching into their organisational culture as THE only way to drive employee engagement and retention built to last. 🧠 We do this brilliantly! (Check us out).

🔑 I am obsessed with the human mind and will *not* stop talking about why our mindset matters in everything we do.


Toluwa Oyeleye is a globally acclaimed coach, keynote speaker, and trainer, dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their full potential. With prestigious qualifications, including MindGym certification and advanced well-being & leadership coaching accreditation from Cambridge University, she is a sought-after expert with a proven track record of success.

As a TEDx speaker and prominent figure at United Nations conferences, Toluwa has championed mental health and well-being in both work and personal spheres. Her transformative workshops, coaching sessions, and training programs have positively impacted visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, and young minds worldwide.

Beyond her impactful client engagements, Toluwa is also the founder of Zoah Consultancy LTD,  a renowned global leadership consultancy firm. Through Zoah, she facilitates coaching and leadership training programs, fostering behavioural change and unlocking human potential in corporate leaders.

Elevate your university's or organisation's well-being experience with Toluwa Oyeleye's exceptional expertise. Collaborate with her to inspire, empower, and transform your community into a force of thriving individuals. 

Together, let's ignite a future where well-being thrives and limitless potential is unleashed.


Secure Toluwa as your next Keynote Speaker!



Ellie, Tea with Tols Wellbeing Sessions™

This programme has been amazing. I have learned lots of practical tips to help and manage my wellbeing. I am also really grateful for the support of others in the group. I haven't had a group of people who have listened to me as intently and patiently as this group. It has certainly encouraged me to be a better version of myself.

Tom, 1-1 Coaching session

Coaching sessions with Toluwa have been beyond helpful in enabling me to realise my potential not just as a manager but as a leader within the business, with tools to support my team. I am now more aware of how my mindset can be the strongest tool in my leadership and I truly believe I am a better leader as a result of our sessions together. 

Connor, Wellbeing workshop

Toluwa delivered a brilliant webinar for our students, giving them the skills to navigate their anxieties about starting at Cardiff University. The student engagement was fantastic and it was especially great to see such open and honest conversations being had. This webinar provided a safe space for students to reflect and learn with Toluwa who was kind and supportive whilst navigating some tough topics. Thank you so much Toluwa for the work put into this.

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