Wellbeing services 


“Human beings, ineluctably, want meaning, and purpose in life" (Martin Seligman). The goal of wellbeing is for an individual to flourish in all aspects of their lives. Through my 1-1 coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops I use a combination of positive psychology coaching techniques and holistic wellbeing approaches to help individuals identify their character strengths and use these strengths to make transformative changes in their daily lives, enriching their 'wellbeing bank account'. 

Each session is delivered through a range of communication techniques and self-reflection activities

Coaching sessions 

1-hour wellbeing coaching on any of the three key areas:

a) Mental health: Are you lacking in self- confidence? Or are there other areas of concern?

b) Empowerment: Do you need to ‘take control’ of your life on your terms?

c) Lack of focus/direction: Do you feel ‘stuck’? Do you feel that you have somehow ‘lost your way’?

We explore any/a combination of these 3 areas through positive psychology coaching and self- reflection activities.

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Portsmouth University
Wellbeing talk {Online}

Here is a snippet from the talk 'How can I make 2020 still work for me?' addressed to Portsmouth university students in 2020.

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Wellbeing Seminars


Wellbeing 1-1 Coaching

Tea with Tols Wellbeing Sessions

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Wellbeing events



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Conversations on mental wellbeing

Wellbeing workshop, SOAS university

"Toluwa was absolutely amazing. It was a fantastic workshop that allowed us to reflect on life at and outside the university, with practical wellbeing tips. The group discussions were facilitated so well as it had an atmosphere of openness, which was very helpful with no one feeling awkward"

Corporate wellbeing workshop, ShelterBox UK

"We were so glad to have Toluwa facilitate such a much-needed seminar on 'remembering your why'. It was incredibly engaging, funny, and reflective with key takeaways on how to improve wellbeing at work. We all left feeling refreshed with a can-do mindset" 

Wellbeing coaching, Yasmin

"I meet with Toluwa once a week or every fortnight. I am so grateful for her willingness to listen and vast knowledge of wellbeing tips to help me maintain positive mental health in my daily life. I am currently a Masters student with a full-time job and her sheer knowledge and expertise on maintaining a healthy mindset has honestly been life-changing"

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