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Group Coaching

Tea with Tols Wellbeing Sessions™

Who is it for?

Olivia Walker

Dan Mitchell 

Tess Andersen

Tea with Tols Wellbeing Sessions is an online 7-week group coaching programme that explores the 3 pillars of 'Mental health, Empowerment and 'Lack of focus/direction'. 


Each 90-minute session explores key wellbeing themes with guest speakers/coaches sharing with the group, followed by discussion activities using group coaching techniques. The session concludes with an 'applied homework' to be reviewed in the following session. You can expect a maximum of 8 people in each cohort.

The programme aims to support individuals with long term, transformative wellbeing techniques and build a supportive community with like-minded people. 


Your commitment: 

It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure their commitment to the 7-week programme as this not only ensures you get the most out of the programme but helps build stronger ties within the cohort. 


£49.99 per session- Pay as you go

£300- Pay upfront

What next?

If interested, click on 'Apply now' on the cohort of your interest and a FREE consultation call will follow. 

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TwT WB Sessions: Black Community

These sessions are specifically tailored to those from the black community with a safe space provided to discuss openly, without judgement and without hesitation. The aim of each session is to learn, share and most importantly to reflect on your wellbeing goals.


TwT WB Sessions: Leaders

These sessions are specifically tailored to Leaders from varied backgrounds. Previous cohorts have included mid-level managers, senior managers and entrepreneurs. The aim of each session is to learn, share and most importantly reflect on your wellbeing & leadership goals.


TwT WB Sessions: 18-35 year olds

These sessions are specifically tailored to those between the ages of 18-35 from the general population. Previous cohorts have included, parents, university students, entrepreneurs, those 'in-between jobs' and working professionals.

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Peter {Leaders}

It was a really inspiring programme. I have learned so much over the last 6 weeks, and I have been able to take some really useful tips and wise word to improve my own wellbeing. This programme pushed me to try new things such as setting goals, setting boundaries but also be more confident. We had great discussion and it was interesting to talk with everyone and see where everyone comes from. The speakers we got to meet were all really inspiring and interesting, giving out positive vibes and showing that you can always improve and it's not too late.

Jeremy {18-35-year-olds}

It was amazing! So glad I signed up for it! The programme included the space to reflect on areas for personal growth each week and the chance to think about how I can make my own well-being more of a priority in my life.

Zarah {Black Community}

This programme has been amazing. I have learned lots of practical tips to help and manage my well-being. I am also really grateful for the support of others in the group. I haven't had a group of people who have listened to me as intently and patiently as this group. I think it is been especially beneficial as moving to university has been quite overwhelming at times so this has been really great.

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