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Which area best suits your goals?


a) Mental health: Are you lacking in self-confidence? Or are there other areas of concern?


b) Empowerment: Do you need to ‘take control’ of your life on your terms?


c) Lack of focus/direction: Do you feel ‘stuck’? Do you feel that you have somehow ‘lost your way’?


We explore all/any of these 3 areas through positive psychology coaching techniques and holistic wellbeing approaches, incorporating psychodyanamic exercises.

1-2-1 Coaching

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  • Session Plan:

    Each Coaching Plan consits of 6 sessions, which can be carried out within the year (from the 1st session).

    Time: Each session ranges between 30- 90mins. The duration of each session will be decided in the consultation call based on your goals. 

    Prices start from £50

  • Sessions are paid on a one-time payment basis or in a 2 part installment.

    There is a no refund policy. However you can use your 6 sessions over the course of a year, at a time that suits you best. 


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