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Wellbeing Seminars: Universities & Schools

The wellbeing seminars are designed to bring students together, in small groups, discussing topics surrounding maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing. The themes covered range from building resilience, to overcoming anxiousness, self-doubt, dealing with low self-esteem, comparison and generally how to manage your mental health at university. The discussions are combined with holistic wellbeing practical tips and reflection activities. 

These interactive seminars, currently facilitated over zoom, are tailored to the University and its student population with a mix of presentations and discussions. 

Prices start from £300.


Corporate Wellbeing Seminars: Organisations & Employers

The corporate wellbeing seminars are designed to promote positive mental wellbeing, reduce work stress and increase productivity. The themes covered range from building resilience in the workplace, dealing with change, overcoming imposter syndrome, understanding your 'value', avoiding 'burn out' and generally managing a healthy mental wellbeing at work and at home. 


Seminars range from 45 to 60mins, with a mix of presentations, discussions and reflection activities. 

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