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What is wellbeing coaching and what are the benefits?

Coaching is essentially a learning process and the learning is about oneself first and foremost. The sessions are based on self-discovery, self-learning and self-reflection. The principle of wellbeing coaching is about self-development and supporting an individual to flourish in every aspect of their life. 

Toluwa's main approaches are founded on positive psychology. Positive psychology is about what works and the positive coach looks for and fosters the best in their clients. It’s about helping clients seek out their best self, the self who is able to identify what they want and work towards it.


Benefits of coaching

1. Coaching enables the client to reach higher levels of learning which build their capacity to tackle and solve problems generally.

2. Coaching provides a timely and focused way of learning and can offer major breakthroughs in performance.

3. Coaching helps clients identify their character strengths and increase the use of these strengths in their daily lives- focusing on building the positives with what you have rather than what you don't have. 

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Which pillar best suits your wellbeing goals?



  • 60 minutes maximum per session

  • Tailored wellbeing resources

  • Ongoing support via email and zoom check ins

*free 20 mins consultation before booking included



  • 60 minutes maximum per session

  • On going support via email and zoom check ins

*free 20 mins consultation before booking included

Cup of Tea


40 minutes maximum per session

*free 20 mins consultation before booking included

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Word on the street

I meet with Toluwa once a week or every fortnight. I am so grateful for her willingness to listen and vast knowledge of wellbeing tips to help me maintain positive mental health in my daily life. I am currently a Masters student with a full-time job and her sheer knowledge and expertise on maintaining a healthy mindset has honestly been life-changing.

Yasmin, London

Woman with Headscarf

Being a part of the wellbeing coaching and mentoring session with Toluwa was quite an amazing and enriching experience. I have never taken wellbeing coaching before but taking these sessions during an overly critical stage of both my personal and professional life turned out extremely useful. Having a mentor outside of your professional life who can give you their unbiased opinions and motivation is helpful. These sessions have helped me to feel more confident about my decisions and have motivated me to keep going.


My biggest take away from Toluwa’s coaching is to set SMART GOALS and set “goals bigger than your expectations.” I would recommend individuals who are feeling demotivated or confused to undergo such coaching sessions as it helps put things into perspective. We think we know it all, but sometimes it’s helpful to have an external source of motivation! Thank you Toluwa for being such a lovely mentor.

Saumya, India

"I signed up for wellbeing coaching with Toluwa after her webinar at my university. For a month we were working on my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to these weekly talks and exercises I was given by my coach, I have gained a lot of confidence and different perspectives on life and the situation I was in. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who's interested as it will change you for the better! It shows the power within you, that you might have not been aware of having! Thank you very much Toluwa!

Dagmara, Buckinghamshire

Modern Young Girl

My experience as a mentee when attending mentoring sessions with Toluwa felt more like a collaboration/active discussion - it was an absolute pleasure! The sessions were short but incredibly insightful. I would look forward to the session each week as I knew I would always leave feeling inspired, empowered and motivated to power through!

As a mentor, Toluwa is so so great. She actively listens to what you have to say and allows you time to think critically. She provides you with the necessary tools to nurture self-reflection and growth. 


Her assigned applied homework was always thoughtful and I feel this is something that I will continue to implement and share with others in future. As a Psychology student, it was particularly interesting to see how aspects of Positive Psychology could be applied to aid in the process of decision making! Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience it exceeded all expectations and am so grateful to have been selected to participate!

Jemma, Cardiff

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