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Portsmouth University

Thank you Toluwa for your talk and for improving my weekend with this session. I think we all needed some encouragement and positivity for this semester

Thanks!:) This has been very introspective and given me the energy to work on myself.



London South Bank University

Thank you so much for the session today, I really feel like it was exactly what I’ve needed and I feel a lot lighter after actually having to be self aware about how I feel and what I can do to feel and act better in anxious situations



 Cardiff university

Thank you so much for your time today Toluwa, I wasn't sure quite what I was expecting from this seminar but your positivity has given me a real boost for the start of my degree and achieving my goal. Thank you! :)



Heriot-Watt University

Girl Enjoying her Drink

Evie, Leeds Art University

Toluwa was amazing and super friendly! Very helpful, really understanding, so great!

Smiling Man

Connor Radcliffe, Give it a Go Coordinator

Toluwa delivered a brilliant webinar for our students, giving them the skills to navigate their anxieties about starting at Cardiff University. The student engagement was fantastic and it was especially great to see such open and honest conversations being had. This webinar provided a safe space for students to reflect and learn with Toluwa who was kind and supportive whilst navigating some tough topics. Thank you so much Toluwa for the work put into this.

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Mehak, St Mary's

Toluwa is an excellent speaker. I found the seminar very helpful. Thank you

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Maltilde, Cardiff University

Really enjoyable. It was very grounding and I really liked how interactive it was, which allowed me to reflect on how the situations she presented applied to my own life, but also how I could realistically implement her advice and guidance to my own life.

Kyra, Reading University

Thank you Toluwa! This has been so helpful and I am looking forward to use your tips in my everyday life to improve my confidence and value my strengths. :)

Isabel, Heriott-Watt

Zoom worked well I think. The chat engagement made it easier to share experiences than having to use my microphone or video where I may not have felt brave enough to talk

woman 8

Maria, Leeds Art

I just want to say thank you for showing us a more positive approach on ourselves and on these hard times we are facing. I feel more positive and more confident.

woman 9

Georgie, Northumbria

Great pace, good amounts of engagement, lovely wellness coach, all good.

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