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5 Recommended Reads for Black History Month

Looking for something to read but don't know where to start? These 5 recommendations have been pulled together as a solution to help you feel less overwhelmed at this time.

An extraordinary book that tells the story of Howard Thurman and how he helped shape the civil rights movement. This book gives an incredible insight into the lives of those marginalised, drawing parallels to our current times.

If you are overwhelmed by the current racial injustices- if it's starting to take a toll on your mental health, then I highly recommend this book as the go-to read. A lot of those who have read this book, have left feeling 'comforted and encouraged' above all else.

This is a powerful everyday manual for mental wellbeing, especially as a black person navigating the trials, conversations and discussions of racial injustice. It's for people who, like me, are looking for news ways to self-improve and gain day to day wellbeing tips. But this book is also useful for those who want to learn how to be more present, and offer a listening ear to their black friends, partners, colleagues, etc.

A really great read. If you are particularly not sure what 'allyship' means or how you can be a 'good' ally- then I would encourage you to consider reading this.

5) Podcast: Michelle Obama

Available to stream on all platforms.

Yes, I cannot put a group of resources together without mentioning the new Michelle Obama podcast. It gives a good insight into a lot of issues from mental health, to relationships to racial inequalities, etc. If you are looking for something light, yet educational and inspiring, then I highly recommend this podcast.

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